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Setting up your Custom Actions

Customer Actions needs to be set up since this will determine whether the quotes for the carriers will be on-demand which means it will only generate upon clicking a button or auto which automatically generates the quotes in the quotes modal. 

To set up your custom actions for quotes generation follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Team Settings page and click on the Custom Actions module. 
  1. Navigate to the Others tab and click on the + circle button
  1. In the Create Action module select the following:
  • Action Type – Select Get quotes from carriers
  • Event Trigger – Select Shipment – Created 
  • Request Quote – Select either On-Demand or Auto

  1. Click on the Create button to save the changes and the user will be able to see the success toaster.
  1. To edit the saved settings click on the pending icon button to open again the Create Actions modal. 
  1. To delete the saved settings click on the delete button, and click on the Confirm button to successfully delete the settings.