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Create your webhook endpoint in Sherpa

Users will also need to set up the delivery status URL as this will be needed to generate the webhook token that will be used in the Onboarding wizard.

To generate a webhook token, follow the steps below:

  1. After saving the tokens from the token tab, populate the Delivery Status URL with the Locate2u Webhook URL: https://locate2u-carrier-bridge-services.azurewebsites.net/api/sherpa/webhook-events?code=4GNIdYgjzSCuKLjkX_vNCgac_84tVSk2TOUo8vFejB1aAzFu8LTEdw==
  1. Once the user has the webhook url from locate, populate the Delivery Status URL field with the Locate2u Webhook Production URL and click on the Update button. Users will be able to see a successful message that the webhook has been updated and it will generate a webhook token. 

3. Copy the webhook token together with the other details that will be used in the onboarding process in Locate2u.