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Register an account in Sherpa

In order to connect and use Sherpa’s API users need to create and set up their accounts to access its documentation, production and testing environments. 

To create an account in the production environment, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account in sherpa for production environment that can be accessed here: 
  1. Fill in the necessary details needed to create your account in production and click on Sign Up: 

Take note that the user needs to sign up as a Customer and not as a Driver. 

  1. Once signed up, the user will need to confirm the created account via email which will be sent by Sherpa Support. 

  1. Once the account has been confirmed the user can now login to the sherpa portal using the created credentials. 
  1. After creating the account, send an email to escalations@sherpa.net.au to have your account converted to an Enterprise account.