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Creating a customer ID

In order to connect and use Uber Direct the user needs to have a customer ID and that ID will be added to the Locate2u organization in Uber. 

To have a customer ID in Uber, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to the Locate2u app portal and navigate to Carrier Marketplace.

  1. Click on connect for Uber Direct carrier.

  1. Once clicked, the user will be in the Welcome screen, click on start to proceed with other steps. 

  1. In the next step it will give the user the whole overview of the process.
  1. Click on the next button and fill out the Questions Mapping. 

  1. Once the user clicks on the Finish button, Locate2u will send an email to Uber to notify that the user is a customer of Locate2u. 
  1. Uber will then verify and connect with the customer to ensure all documentations are signed and agreements are in place.
  1. Uber will then notify Locate2u that the documentation has been signed. 
  1. Locate2u will then create a Customer ID via support and then send it back to Uber. 
  1. Customers will then receive an email to join the Locate2u organization. (sample email below)
  1. Click on the join button in the email and it will redirect the user to the uber setup. 
  1. Once an account is set up on the Uber side. Go back to the Carrier list, check if the status is Carrier approved. 

  1. Click on the activate carrier button to use the Uber carrier and get quotes. The status will be Active.