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Integration with Locate2u

What Does Integration with Locate2u Mean?

It means connecting our data to Locate2u apps. This could mean sales data, employee data, or other data in order to create bookings for our delivery or service.

How Do We Integrate with Locate2u?

There are multiple ways to do this :

  1. Google Sheet Integration
  2. Zapier Integration
  3. API Integration

It depends on our requirements which integration plan to choose.

What is the Differences Between Those Integration Plans?

  1. Google Sheet Integration

    Google Sheet is an Excel application in the web browser.It is usually used if we are currently using Excel apps or manually record your sales/service.

  2. Zapier Integration

    Zapier is an application used to integrate from another application such as Shopify.It is much more simpler than Google Sheet integration, because it will automate stop data validation and stop data creation.

    There are more than 2000+ apps that is available in Zapier, to see whether the application you used is available to be integrated, click here

  3. API Integration

    API is another way to connect to Locate2u, it is usually a recommended way to connect to Locate2u if we have our own apps that wanted to use booking or tracking services.As Zapier is limited to creating stops and listing team members, Locate2u API has more functionality such as creating tracking link, creating shipments, and much more.

What’s Next?

If you have any more queries, you can contact us on help@locate2u.com