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Request for production access in Doordash Drive

After successfully creating an account in Doordash, users will need to request for production access to create access tokens that will be used in production.

To request for production access, follow these steps below: 

  1. In a new tab, navigate to this link https://developer.doordash.com/portal/integration/drive/production_access and fill up the fields in this page. 

  1. In the bottom part of the page, click on the 2 checkboxes for agreeing the terms and conditions and about completing the Delivery Simulator test. Click on the Submit for Review button. 
  1. If you plan to deliver alcohol click here to register and allow deliveries of alcohol otherwise skip this step and proceed to step 4. 
  1. Once done submitting your account for review, send an email to developer-support@doordash.com with the following details: 
  • Subject Line: Production Access for new Locate2u Account 
  • Email Body:

 I’m requesting Drive production access for my business via the Locate2u integration. 

  • Include the name of your business (from step 1)
  • Provide the email address DoorDash should use for monthly invoices
  • Provide the mailing address DoorDash should keep on file for your store
  • Attach the PDF you received from DoorDash (from step 3) regarding the Alcohol registration if you plan to deliver alcohol. If you don’t have any plans to deliver alcohol it’s okay if you don’t attach any PDF file.
    • DoorDash will only authorize your account to deliver alcoholic products if you attach the PDF file from the alcohol registration. 
  1. After doordash approves your account you will receive an automated email that your account has been approved. Once approved, go back to the Doordash Developer Portal and start creating your keys in the Credentials page (click here to create credentials)