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Integrate to Locate2u and Onboarding Wizard for Sherpa

Now all of the necessary keys are available users can now start integrating the keys to the Locate2u Onboarding Wizard. 

To integrate Sherpa with Locate2u, follow these steps in the Onboarding Wizard:

  1. Send an email to our support team indicating that you want to have access to the Carrier Marketplace. 
  1. Once your account has been approved to have a carrier license navigate to Team > Carrier Marketplace.

  1. In the Carrier Marketplace page, click on the Connect button to open the Onboarding Wizard for Sherpa. 

  1. Once clicked, the user will be able to see the Onboarding Wizard, click on Start to navigate to another tab which is the API Keys section. 

  1. In the API Keys section populate the following fields with these details:
  • Username – This will be the username of your sherpa account 
  • Password – This will be the password of your sherpa account 
  • Webhook Secret – This will be the webhook token which was saved earlier in the tutorial which can be found in the Webhooks tabs under the Delivery Location URL. 

  1. Click on Next, and configure all the question mapping as needed. 

  1. Once done, click on the Finish button to complete the Sherpa onboarding wizard. If the setup did not push through and showed a warning message and the button is set to Onboarding it means that it’s missing the capacity settings to be set up. Click here to set up your capacity settings. 
  1. Once capacity setting has been set up, go back to the Carrier Marketplace page and click on the Onboarding button. This will direct the user to the Carriers page. To know more about how to activate Carriers click here
  1. Custom actions should also be set up once Carrier Onboarding is done, to set up custom actions to generate quotes click here